Printing Management Software – Invoice Manager

Print Management Software - Invoice Manager

In ePrint MIS you can generate invoices from print jobs in production and quickly print or email them to your customers. Our printing management software has been designed to enable you to eliminate duplication of data and manual data entry making your business workflow as efficient as possible.

You can configure the invoice manager module so only suitable staff members can access it, so production staff for example don’t see the invoice process but only the accounts and administration team.

When working with large organisations the invoice contact is often different to the person that the job was created for. Our system enables you to configure a separate invoice contact for the company and this invoice contact can be in a different location to the job contact if required.

Current functions of the printing management software include:

  • Edit invoices to correct invoice details if necessary including contact, address, cost centre and accounting code
  • Create PDF invoice templates and email directly from the system to your customer
  • Record payment data against the invoice or do this in your cloud accounting package
  • Configure a customer invoice contact so estimates and job information is sent to one contact person in your customer company and invoices are sent to a different contact person
  • Export invoices (and purchase orders) to your cloud accounting package ensuring speedy updating of your accounts without manual data entry
  • Build custom invoice reports and save reports for future use

Xero Accounting, Freshbooks and AccountRight Live Integration

Our printing management software integrates efficiently over the Internet to these three common accounting systems, which in turn enables our users to seamlessly export invoice and purchase records from our solution to their accounts package through the internet.

Once we have linked to your cloud accounting package you will no longer have to manually enter data into your accounting system, but instead you can enjoy the convenience and time saving of exporting the data through the Internet sending a day, week or months records in one speedy export transaction. Export purchase orders, invoices, and customer and supplier contact details via our printing management software.

To find out more about exporting data to your accounting package contact us.