Effective Print Manager Software – Job Manager

Print Manager Software - Job Manager

Job Manager is just one of the modules available in our print manager software. To effectively track and manage all your current work in production you need easy to use print manager software to enable you to quickly see the status of all your print jobs, and then drill down to see the details of each specific print job and item.

Many print management systems allow you to track your jobs but in ePrint MIS you also have many other essential features:

Easily track and manage all your current print workload in the simple to use job manager module.

  • Jobs are created from successful print estimates avoiding unnecessary data entry
  • New print jobs can be created directly in the job manager module if you wish
  • Modify the job items to alter their specification if required
  • Create customizable PDF job tickets/work orders which can be printed or emailed
  • Create Purchase orders from the job providing a quick process to raise and send orders to inventory or outwork suppliers
  • Create delivery notes and box labels from the job enabling you to print or email these to the customer or to an outwork supplier for their use with the final delivery
  • Navigate to any linked records using the quick links function which ensures all linked records are easily linked together
  • Manage and track print jobs by delivery date and status enabling a clear view of all jobs as they progress through the production process
  • Colour scheme print jobs by delivery date to highlight the most urgent jobs for completion
  • Create invoices from jobs either on completion or during production and email directly to your customer from the system
  • Build custom job reports and save reports for future use