Print Estimating System – Estimate Manager

Print Estimating System - Estimate Manager

No matter what your business involves you need to build accurate print estimates or quotes in your print estimating software.

Utilising a print management system makes it easy to build accurate estimates for your specific type of business.

Our print estimating system currently has tools for:

  • Large format print estimating with linier meter pricing (Imperial measurement also available)
  • Large format print estimating with sqm pricing (Imperial measurement also available)
  • Flatbed print estimating
  • Outwork print estimating (Suitable for Print Management and Print Brokers)
  • Other Costs – pre press and post press costs, and delivery, pick and pack costs etc
  • Product Catalogue – for frequently quoted printing products or contract pricing for specific customers
  • Digital print estimating using a click charge
  • Offset sheet printing

Print Estimating Functions Include:

  • Simple to use three stage print estimating process
  • Estimate summary screen with cost breakdown for all items including margins and gross profit
  • Fine-tune or modify the estimate to alter the items specification
  • Estimate up to four quantities at a time
  • Quote multiple items on a print estimate with a main item and others as sub items of the first
  • Quote multiple items on an estimate where each item is a main item
  • Copy items to enable you to quickly estimate multiple print items which are similar to each other
  • Copy print estimates for the same or an alternative customer to save starting from new each time
  • Allocate each print estimate a status so you can easily track its progress
  • Create PDF estimate/quote templates and email direct from the system to your customer
  • Successful print estimates are progressed to become a job in production
  • Unsuccessful print estimates are archived for future reference
  • Build custom print estimate reports and save reports for future use

The Print Estimate Manager Screen

  • Lists all your current print estimates so you can clearly see current opportunities
  • Easy search filters enable you to search estimates by various attributes including status, and customer name, salesperson
  • Customize your view of the print estimate manager screen selecting only the data you want to see